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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dial Up Modem / DSL

I've been searching for long about internet via dial-up, I've tried once and it succeded!
Here is the steps, hope it could be useful for us :
1. For The Server Computer

  • Plug the Modem and install the driver (I use the SmartLink PCI Modem v.92 56 Kbps)
  • Make the Internet Connection
    • Open Start -> All Program -> Accessories -> Communications -> New Connection Wizard
    • Next -> Connect To The Internet -> Next
    • #> Setup my Connection manually -> Next
  • For Modem Dial-Up
    • # connect using a dial-up Modem > Next
    • ISP Name : (I use Telkomnet Instan)Telkomnet Instan > Next
    • Phone Number : Type The Phone Number (080989999) > Next
    • Username : Type The Username given by the ISP (telkomnet@instan)
    • Password : Type the Password given by the ISP (telkom)
    • Confirm The Pass : Retype The Password (telkom)
    • Finish
    • You should see in your network connection list a new dialup connection
    • Right Click and choose Connect or Open Start > Connect To > Your ISP or Name You Given
    • In Your Tray for windows if the modem disconnect and You reconnect again try this : Right Click -> Repair This Connection for refreshing the Dialup connection

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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